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Q&A with Grosvenor Gardens, London Victoria

Q&A with Grosvenor Gardens, London Victoria

Our second winner for April’s Business Centre of the Month was Grosvenor Gardens, based in London Victoria. We caught up with Tony Steel, the Area General Manager for MWB Business Exchange, to find out more about the centre!

When did you open Grosvenor Gardens?

The centre has now been open for over 5 years.

What perks does the business centre offer in both location and facilities?

You won’t find…

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The growing SOS family!

The growing SOS family!

Recently, we looked at team training and encouragement, in companies, to nurture growth. We looked at its effect on team moraleand, further down the line, on your business too. Following this, we’re pleased to tell you about our recent team additions and promotions, which have come about in Search Office Space in the last few weeks due to good training and the offer of progressive opportunities…

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Bienvenido to SOS in Spanish!

Bienvenido to SOS in Spanish!

With over 12,000 business centres worldwide, SOS caters for an international clientele. By limiting our website functionality to just English, however, we appeal only to the English-speaking world. In order to become a truly global business, we needed to take it a step further; by translating and localising the SOS website into various languages, including Spanish, French, German and Chinese.


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Q&A with Leigh House, Leeds

Q&A with Leigh House, Leeds

This month, we were pleased to award two companies with SOS Business Centre of the Month – one northern and one southern business centre in the UK! We thought it would be nice to tell you a little more about the two centres and why they won.

Today, we’d love to start with Leigh House in Leeds, for which we had a chat with Sonia Padgett, who is Director and Office Manager there.

When did you open…

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12 things to do on your commute

12 things to do on your commute

Driving in?

1. Why not download an audio book onto your ipod or hire a CD version from the library? Each day, you can use your commute as a time to delve into a fictional world, before you get back to the reality of work!

2. Listen to the radio as opposed to just listening to music, as listening to conversation will start to prepare you for the mandatory socialising of the office.

On the bus or…

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Check out our London heat map

Check out our London heat map

To help you through the jungle of London’s business locations and prices, we’ve put together a heat map, based on statistics collected by us in 2013.

The heat map shows a spectrum of colours in different areas of Central London, demonstrating which areas are the most sought after right now and which are the best value.

There are also many areas within the centre which are currently receiving…

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Why companies should embrace their Corporate Social Responsibilities

Within business, it’s a tricky and ongoing game of juggling money, time scales and staff, in order to see your business grow. What companies are beginning to encourage and place importance on, though, is their corporate social responsibilities and work alongside charities.

Encouraging your team to get involved in charity work in and around the workplace has a positive effect on team morale and…

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Annoying office habits and how to control them

Annoying office habits and how to control them

Working in an office can be motivating, fun and offer a social aspect to your work. It helps you feel like part of a team and helps set apart your home and work life. Often though, we do things or see others do things that grate on us.

Below, we’ve collated the top 10 things we and our colleagues do that rub people up the wrong way and we’ve offered some hints and tips to help you cope with them!

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Business Centres of the Month: Leigh House and Grosvenor Gardens

Business Centres of the Month: Leigh House and Grosvenor Gardens

It’s that time of the month again for us to award the Business Centres who have actively shown an outstanding service to their tenants.

Last month, our winner was Salford based HQ Hamill at the Quays and this month we have selected two winners, staying in the north, with Leigh House in Leeds, and back into London for Grosvenor Gardens.

Leigh Housedemonstrated additional services to benefit their…

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Ventia’s new venture pays off – with 50% occupancy already secured

Ventia’s new venture pays off – with 50% occupancy already secured

Opening this month, Ventia’s new address, at Twenty Four St. John Street, offers it all in the way of location, property and furnishings.

Sat in the heart of Clerkenwell, the property sits midway between Barbican and Farringdon Underground station, offering easy access in and around the capital. Sitting within the buzz of the business hub area, the property offers plenty of nearby attractions for…

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